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Lead Chameleon was created in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic when associated lockdowns made it more important than ever for businesses around the globe to optimise their online presence. Our sole purpose is to help businesses of all sizes win more clients through their website, email and social channels without it costing anymore than a daily cup of coffee! 


Founded by ex-Lead Forensics employees, Lead Chameleon is focused on being affordable for one man bands all the way up to our enterprise level clients. Marketing technology has evolved so much that it has left smaller businesses behind because they could no longer afford it - not anymore! Our vision is to give our clients the info they need to convert more clients online without it costing a fortune! Using all available online channels such as social, email and website we can provide a full service package to boost new business development.


Lead Chameleon's solutions are designed to be simplified, no-nonsense and easy to use for all B2B businesses. We are certainly the most affordable - by far! But, by no means does that compromise our services. For website tracking, our match rates equal those of alternative solutions, our data sets are the same, and key functionality remains the same. So, why pay more for the same leads? Regarding email outreach and LinkedIn prospecting we remain at the forefront of automation tech giving our clients effective fully managed campaigns.

What we do:


Typically only 2% of website traffic enquires. That means, everyday you are missing out on genuine sales from opportunities you cannot see. Lead Chameleon will identify the businesses visiting your website and show you what they looked at, how long for, how they found your website, where the visit came from and much more! So, you can reach out at the opportune time. Your website is your online shop window; we ensure you never miss an opportunity again!


Email is the most used communication tool in the B2B world. We enable you to harness that power to create more opportunities and win more clients without lifting a finger. We offer fully managed email outreach services whereby we will build an email sequence targeting your specific ideal customer persona, and contact them by email on your behalf. Each sequence can add up to 400 new contacts and send up to 500 emails per day.


Generating leads on LinkedIn has never been easier! LinkedIn is a fast and efficient way to reach key decision makers from your target audience. Similar to our email outreach services; we will run fully managed LinkedIn campaigns whereby we systematically contact your desired audience. We can send up to 150 new connections and up to 400 messages per day as well as managing consistent engagement across your network.

How many opportunities could you generate with Lead Chameleon?

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What We Do
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