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Demand Generation

Lead Chameleon's data plugin identifies real-time buyer intent across your website, social media, online industry publications, review and price comparison sites, webinar registration sites and event attendance. We leverage this to deliver your content to right people, at the right time. You can identify individuals exhibiting research behaviors directly related to your solutions, and empowers you to engage them quickly and effectively; either via our content syndication campaigns of integrating the plugin with Lead Chameleon's email and/ or LinkedIn AI.


Lead Chameleon's intent data plugin shows you the individuals actively researching your solutions online.

Tell us your ideal customer profile including job titles, industries, regions, company size, install-base data (technologies they use - optional) or give us your target account list to create your addressable universe. This list is de-duped with your suppression list to ensure we aren't contacting existing clients. 

We integrate our intent data plugin to create a model using a series of keywords, categories and topics related to your solutions. Our unique AI applies the model to your addressable universe and filters the contacts that are currently demonstrating high purchase intent towards your solutions. 

Using email and LinkedIn we contact the hottest contacts first to drive them to a landing page whereby they can download your content. Once downloaded, we secure their details including full business card data and a verified LinkedIn profile. Leads are then delivered to you weekly via an encrypted CSV file.

Lead Chameleon's precision intent data plugin feeds from over 30 sources, leading to accelerated growth and next-level intelligence. See some of our partners below:

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We own, control and verify our proprietary 1st party database ensuring the highest quality and GDPR compliance. Many existing providers will secure the deal and outsource the lead generation. Thus, surrendering quality assurance - not us!

Connecting and resonating with key decision makers at your target accounts is what matters most. Acquire contact information from decision makers at in-market target accounts who have requested to download your branded content.

We are an intent-only provider. Meaning, our leads are more likely to engage with your outreach and therefore build stronger pipeline. By tracking online behaviour from multiple sources we are able to score and predict your hottest audience.

Leverage intent signals to select the right content and follow-up messages, creating meaningful buyer experiences, accelerating pipeline and revenue creation. Every lead goes through a rigorous process to ensure it’s valid and includes a LinkedIn profile.

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