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Cold emails that start warm business conversations. Fully managed email prospecting to reach your target audience and create more opportunities without lifting a finger

Tell us who you wish to target! You DO NOT already need an email address database. We can use your ABM list or create a audience based on the following demographics: Industry, Title, Seniority, Geography, Company Size and much more!

We take your message and content and create an email sequence to reach out to your target audience. We do not do one-off blasts but rather scalable email outreach. 

Typical campaigns would include 200-400 new contacts per day, with 3-8 follow up emails appropriately spaced over time to ensure the best result! 


Email Outreach AI

  • Email AI | Monthly

    Every month
    Ideal for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and generate leads without commitment
    • Warm-up period to protect your domain
    • Up to 5 messaging variations
    • Unlimited sequence steps
    • Customisable messaging and delays between emails
    • Data screened and verified to avoid bounce-backs
    • Spam word checker and deliverability monitor
    • Click and response tracking
    • Up to 400 new contacts per day (when warmed up)
  • Email AI | 6 monthly (15% discount)

    Every 6 months
    Save £167! Perfect for businesses looking to ramp up email outreach and build a strong pipeline
    • Warm-up period to protect your domain
    • Up to 5 messaging variations
    • Unlimited sequence steps
    • Customisable messaging and delays between emails
    • Data screened and verified to avoid bounce-backs
    • Spam word checker and deliverability monitor
    • Click and response tracking
    • Up to 400 new contacts per day (when warmed up)
  • Email AI | Annual (25% discount)

    Every year
    Save £558! A powerful solution for businesses looking to commit to 12 months of turbo-charged leads
    • Warm-up period to protect your domain
    • Up to 5 messaging variations
    • Unlimited sequence steps
    • Customisable messaging and delays between emails
    • Data screened and verified to avoid bounce-backs
    • Spam word checker and deliverability monitor
    • Click and response tracking
    • Up to 400 new contacts per day (when warmed up)

Send cold emails using our quality data and get warm responses

Keep your sender reputation safe with real‑time email list verification, warm‑up and recovery, deliverability monitor, and bounce shield. Our algorithm helps you avoid human mistakes, like sending emails to someone who already replied. Just one follow-up email can increase your reply rate by 22% which is why follow-ups are an integral part of any cold email campaign.

Keeping you safe from being blocked or marked as spam

Measure your success with our monthly reports, including open, click and response tracking. The more emails that reach your targets inbox (and not spam) the better. We test different elements of your email and create your future email campaigns based on what works. Create customised follow-up sequences that automatically respond to prospect actions, taking the conversation further. Our tech catches email delivery issues before they happen and reacts accordingly in your own interest. Feel safe about the sending limits of your email provider; we ensure you don't ever get blocked.

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  • How do I get started?
    It’s easy! Hit the "Free Trial" button and pick your licence based on your website traffic levels, then simply check out via our website. Remember, you won't be charged until after your 2 week free trial! Once you have filled out the details and purchased your licence, you will receive an email with your tracking code and instructions on how to add it. This only needs to be done once and can be completed in a matter of minutes! From this point onwards, Lead Chameleon will be tracking live and you will soon see leads appearing on your dashboard. That’s when the fun starts!
  • How does Lead Chameleon work?
    Lead Chameleon is a reverse IP tracking software. In short, it will sit quietly in the background of your website, and identify the IP addresses of your website visitors in real time. Then our tech links them to registered businesses and locations all over the world. Lead Chameleon feeds into over 60 million data points to ensure we have the strongest reach on the market at the best price!
  • Is Lead Chameleon legal and compliant?
    Yes, absolutely! Our technology is entirely compliant and completely legal. Meaning, you get a daily feed of hot leads without having to worry. Lead Chameleon identifies business visitors only and does not handle personal information making it General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliant. You’re able to contact your website visitors due to Legitimate Interest. A business visitor wouldn’t be on your website just for the fun of it!
  • If a business didn’t contact me, doesn't that mean they’re not interested?
    Definitely not! Think back to your last purchase, did you enquire and buy from the first supplier you looked at? Our research tells us that B2B buyers visit on average 5 or 6 different suppliers website’s before making an enquiry. They could be comparing prices, products, seeing if you’re local to them, checking delivery or turnaround time, reviewing case studies etc. There are many stages when researching a buying decision, but ultimately every business visitor will be on your website for a very good reason! And, you’ll certainly be in a better position to win the deal with Lead Chameleon, than without it!
  • Do the visitors find being contacted invasive?
    Not at all! You’re essentially bringing the solution to them. Prospects that have been contacted from Lead Chameleon do not find the approach invasive because the timing is perfect and they are genuinely in the market at that exact time. Why else would they be on your website?
  • Can Lead Chameleon show me the individual who visited my website?
    The short answer is no. We cannot identify human users! Nobody can. If you left your computer right now to get a coffee, there's no technology that would know that (except CCTV!). Not only that but it would be completely illegal to track individuals without consent. But the sole fact that a business has visited your website is a very strong sign they are in the market. Who visits B2B websites for the fun of it? We’d suggest reaching out to the most relevant contact from that particular location. Often the visitor could be a lower ranking employee tasked with carrying out initial research but they cannot actually sign an agreement. The visit itself shows a business need, so you’ll get better results speaking to relevant decision makers rather than sourcing the visitor themself. When our internal sales team uses Lead Chameleon for our own business development, they will typically either ask to speak to the Owner, Head of Marketing or Head of Sales; or, they will use LinkedIn to find the specific names of these relevant contacts from the location of that visit, and ask for them personally when calling. Easy peasy!
  • What should I do with the data?
    Contact the leads! Lead Chameleon is a tool, and if used in the right way, can win you lots more clients! Many of our clients use a multi-channel approach, but what matters most is that you do something with the data. You could: Call the business to introduce yourself and tailor the conversation based on the products or services they looked at on your website Email the business (you could include relevant content such a case study for a similar existing client, or perhaps a small discount for their first order) Contact the relevant decision maker on LinkedIn Send some direct mail, samples or a brochure in the post Of course, it’s not solely about new business! You can also use the data to measure your best lead source and any active marketing campaigns. If you were to see a lapsed client on the website, it would be a great time to get back in touch and win the business back - they’re obviously on your website for a reason! Or perhaps there’s an existing client looking at a product or service they haven’t previously bought! If so, get in touch with your regular contact and secure the upsell.
  • Should I disclose that I saw the prospect on our website?
    This is entirely up to you, and what works best for your business. We recommend 1 of 2 approaches when calling a business - the fundamentals are similar when emailing or using LinkedIn: 1. The Customer Service Approach: this is where you contact the business and fully disclose the fact that you saw them on the website. Example: “Hello, it’s Dave calling from ABC Packaging LTD, this is a customer care call as I noticed XYZ Enterprises on our website looking at bubble wrap and packaging tape; we actually have a 10% discount running on these lines today! I saw on your website (or LinkedIn) that Bob is the Office Manager, could you put me through please OR Who would be the best person for me to speak to?” 2. The Coincidental Approach: this is where you contact the business without disclosing the fact that you saw them on the website. Example: “Hello, it’s Dave calling from ABC Packaging LTD, we’re working with loads of business just like yours who typically buy bubble wrap and packaging tape from us so I’m calling today to introduce ourselves. Could that be of interest to you at the moment? OR Have you ever heard of us before?” - more often than not the answer is, of course, yes!
  • What are the typical use cases for Lead Chameleon?
    New Lead Generation: If a business is in the market for your services, they will do their research which will almost always start online. Nobody is looking you up in the yellow pages anymore! But, typically 98% of your visitors won’t enquire. Lead Chameleon will show you who they are so you don’t miss any opportunities again. Lapsed Customers: Every business has unfortunately lost a client or two along their journey! If a business you once worked successfully with is back visiting your website, it will be for a reason. So, having that information to hand will allow you to contact them and win them back precisely when they’re back in the market. Existing Pipeline: If your Sales Team is in negotiation with a company, or they’re in the middle of their sales process and haven’t yet managed to get the deal done, it will absolutely be in their best interest to know the movements of their pipeline. This will allow them to better measure which opportunities are the most engaged and hottest so they can prioritise their time accordingly. Also, if an existing piece of pipeline spent time on your website looking at a product or service that isn’t currently in negotiation, you can tailor the conversation around that to increase the order value. Lapsed Pipeline: We’ve never met a business with a 100% sales conversion rate. So, if you spoke to a business 6 months ago and didn’t manage to get them closed because “it wasn’t the right time” or “they didn’t have a budget at the time” etc. But then, they revisited your website, what would that tell you? They’re back in the market! Without Lead Chameleon you wouldn’t know about that and could have easily missed the opportunity. Existing Customers: If you saw a business that you already work with looking at a product or service they haven’t previously bought, that would be the perfect prompt at the ideal time to get in touch and pitch it to them. Thus, achieving more revenue than ever before from your existing client base! Nice! Marketing Measurability: If you’re spending money to drive traffic to your website, we imagine you’ll want to know which businesses you’re attracting, right? Numerical reporting alone isn’t enough. For example, let’s say you’re spending £500 per month on Google Adwords, and you can see that you’ve had 10 click throughs from it, unless you’ve received 10 enquiries that’s the end of the road. So, who were they? What did they want? Are they the right fit? And, are they actually businesses you want to work with? It could even be your competitors clicking through your ads! It’s the same story for email marketing, social media marketing, direct mail, SEO etc. Lead Chameleon will show you the exact opportunities your Marketing Team’s hard work is creating giving you the chance to contact them and deliver an ROI unlike anything you’ve seen before! Otherwise, how do you know it's all working?
  • Why is Lead Chameleon so inexpensive compared to alternative solutions?
    Why do alternative solutions cost so much? Lead Chameleon was created by ex-Lead Forensics employees after seeing their prices more than triple in just 4 years. We wanted to keep the technology simple and financially available for businesses of all sizes. Particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns taught us all how important it is to optimise your online reach! We kept the method of tracking largely the same but removed many additional tools and features that aren’t often used by smaller businesses. Therefore, Lead Chameleon delivers all the necessary information you need to turn your website visitors into clients! Did you know 97% of businesses with 10 employees or less average less than 1,500 hits on their website per month? That's why we charge an annual fee starting at £365 per year up to 50 unique hits per day. Below you can see the charges of alternative solutions for the same website traffic levels: Remember, Lead Chameleon will deliver the same leads, so why pay more? Lead Forensics: £10,896 Albacross: £10,296 Leadinfo: £7,188 Lead Feeder: £3,720 CANDDI: £3,348 Snitcher: £3,024 Lead Chameleon: £365 Unlike other solutions such as Lead Forensics, Lead Chameleon has no additional costs and no hidden fees. After all, what even is a setup fee? Lead Chameleon is super simple and seriously cost-effective! We believe it makes more sense to invest in your website and online marketing alongside having this type of tech. For instance, with the same budget you could either buy Lead Forensics; or, buy Lead Chameleon and put £500 per month in a Google Adwords campaign for a whole year! And then even exhibit at a trade show with the remaining £4,500.
  • Do my website visitors need to consent or opt-in to being tracked by Lead Chameleon?
    No! It’s entirely up to you whether you’d like to disclose in your privacy policy that your website uses Lead Chameleon or not. Upon arriving on your website, that business will be tracked until they leave or close your website. Remember, we track only IPs and not ISPs so individuals will not be tracked, and businesses do not require an opt-in. You’re able to contact your website visitors due to Legitimate Interest.
  • Will Lead Chameleon show me every visitor?
    No! Lead Chameleon will show you only companies that are browsing from company IP addresses regardless of device. The platform cleverly detects and removes consumer traffic, spam traffic, bots and crawlers. This keeps you protected and compliant with data protection acts such as GDPR and ultimately saves you time as you don’t have to filter these out yourself. Rest assured, Lead Chameleon matches more visitors than any alternative solution and we are the least expensive by quite a lot! Hence our tagline - seriously cost effective!
  • Does Lead Chameleon have a partner or affiliate programme?
    Yes! We work with many agencies all over the world and love building our partnership network. We offer a 10% fee for all successful referrals! Please get in touch with us to find out more!
  • How accurate is the data that Lead Chameleon provides?
    We match all visits from a series of aggregator databases. Our primary data partner updates our databases daily. As a result, our information is never stagnant and never out of date. We are proud to say this means that our database is the largest and most up-to-date available on today’s global market.
  • Does Lead Chameleon offer any integrations or API?
    Yes we do! We integrate with Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho CRM, Salesforce and many more through the use of Zapier. However, we do not provide developer assistance with this. Please consider that Lead Chameleon is specifically designed to be an affordable and effective solution for identifying business website visitors, in order to help businesses of all sizes win more sales. To achieve this we chose to limit some features.
  • Can I have a demonstration?
    If you would like a call with a member of our Sales Team please use our Calendly link to book a time slot that works best for you! We look forward to speaking soon! In the meantime, please consider: 1) Why would a business visit your website? Because they are looking for something, or have some kind of need for my products and services. 2) Would you have known about these opportunities without Lead Chameleon? No. 3) Now that you know who they are, where they are, and what they're looking for, are you in a better position to win more clients? Yes of course!
  • Can I get a free trial?
    Can I get a free trial? Yes you can! Hit the "Free Trial" button now to start your 14 day hands-on free trial today. We like to operate on a "try before you buy" model so you know exactly what you're getting and you can fairly assess whether or not our tech is the right fit for you! Lead Chameleon exists to help businesses win more clients online via identifying their website traffic at an unbeatable price. Remember, our annual price is less than Lead Forensics' monthly price!

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