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Cold emails that start warm business conversations

1. Tell us who you wish to target! You DO NOT already need an email address database. We can use your ABM list or create a audience based on the following demographics: Industry, Title, Seniority, Geography, Company Size and much more!

2. We take your message and content and create an email sequence to reach out to your target audience. We do not do one-off blasts but rather scalable email outreach. 

3. Typical campaigns would include 300-500 new contacts per day, with 3-8 follow up emails appropriately spaced over time to ensure the best result! 

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Email Outreach

Fully managed email prospecting to reach your target audience and create more opportunities without lifting a finger!

Send cold emails using our quality data and get warm responses

  • Keep your sender reputation safe with real‑time email list verification, warm‑up and recovery, deliverability monitor, and bounce shield.

  • Our algorithm helps you avoid human mistakes, like sending emails to someone who already replied.

  • Just one follow-up email can increase your reply rate by 22% which is why follow-ups are an integral part of any cold email campaign.

Keeping you safe from being blocked or marked as spam

  • Measure your success with our monthly reports, including open, click and response tracking.

  • The more emails that reach your targets inbox (and not spam) the better.

  • We test different elements of your email and create your future email campaigns based on what works.

  • Create customised follow-up sequences that automatically respond to prospect actions, taking the conversation further.

  • Our tech catches email delivery issues before they happen and reacts accordingly in your own interest.

  • Feel safe about the sending limits of your email provider; we ensure you don't ever get blocked.

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What does a typical Lead Chameleon Email Outreach campaign look like?


Introductory email:

"Hi Mr Customer,


Lead Chameleon works with businesses like yours within packaging services who are now seeing upwards of 5 new clients per month via our email outreach. 

I noticed you're based in Southampton and I'm in that area next..."


Follow up email:

"Hi Mr Customer,


How's your week going? Following my email last week:


I'm keen to introduce ourselves properly as I firmly believe we can generate good quality leads for ABC Ltd. What challenges are you facing with business development?.."


Link email:

"Hi Mr Customer,


I appreciate you are very busy so I've attached a personalised proposal specifically for you at ABC Ltd including some relevant case studies.."


Clicked on link? NO - Offer:

"Hi Mr Customer,


I can see you've not had time to review my proposal, and I know how busy you are so I'd like to offer you a 20% discount on your first order with us.."



Follow up - Industry knowledge:

"Hi Mr Customer,


I've spoken to many businesses like yours who are all struggling to create new opportunities. A recent study shows that.."


Clicked on link? YES:

"Hi Mr Customer,


I noticed you took some time to check out my proposal. What were your thoughts? We already work with XYZ Enterprises who have seen a uplift of.."

Follow up - Face to face meeting:

"Hi Mr Customer,


I can see you're too tied up to discuss via email. What's your favourite restaurant close to your office? I'd love to walk you through my proposal face to face.."

7 days

9 days

4 days

7 days

7 days



1,000 new contacts per month

50 new prospects emailed per day

3 follow ups per prospect

3,000 emails sent per month

£360 per month or

£3,672 per year (15% off)

(£1.22 per send)


4,000 new contacts per month

200 new prospects emailed per day

5 follow ups per prospect

20,000 emails sent per month

£450 per month or

£4,590 per year (15% off)

(£0.22 per send)


10,000 new contacts per month

500 new prospects emailed per day

8 follow ups per prospect

80,000 emails sent per month

£580 per month or

£5,916 per year (15% off)

(£0.07 per send)

We are helping businesses turn cold contacts into deals; are you ready to generate more deals via email?

Best Value



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