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Personalised approaches and engagement via social

Lead Chameleon LinkedIn Prospecting ensures your message gets in front of your specific target audience. No more battling gatekeepers or dealing with PAs nor assistants! We can get your sales pitch sent direct to decision makers!

Close deals on LinkedIn even when your laptop or PC is switched off. Lead Chameleon LinkedIn Prospecting provides complete automation and works in a cloud. We set your own sales funnel and get the job done for you.

Receive a monthly report with your LinkedIn contacts in a CSV file with tons of valuable data included like full name, company, position, number of connections, email address, phone number and website URL.

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LinkedIn Prospecting

Supercharged lead generation via LinkedIn designed to help your business create more opportunities!

Business Owners

Running a business is not that easy these days! Put your prospecting on complete autopilot, so you could focus on other important things.

Many business owners are often left behind with technology and business development methods but we are here to help. LinkedIn is a gold mine for new opportunities. We advise on the best way to reach them and then do all the heavy lifting for you. 

Marketing Agencies

Digital marketing agencies love Lead Chameleon! Why? We can build prospecting campaigns in minutes, use hyper-personalisation with 20+ variables, so your messages do not look automated nor outsourced.

Does your agency have clients looking for more opportunities but you don't have the time nor tech to carry out the leg work? Get in touch!

Sales Teams

Automate LinkedIn lead generation for your company, onboard your entire team to Lead Chameleon LinkedIn Prospecting to manage their campaigns and view analytics – all from your Account Manager.

Prospecting takes up the majority of a sales persons time. It is, of course, a crucial part of the sales funnel, but certainly not the most enjoyable! Imagine, if your team were fed dozens of new opportunities everyday so they can focus their time on closing deals!

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LinkedIn has already become the hottest career development site on the globe. With Lead Chameleon, you can reach out to 2000+ potential candidates per month and fill your open vacancies easily.

Our reach is vast and our capabilities far outweigh the cost of our service. Recruitment can be both extremely niche, or equally it can be a numbers game. In either case, our solutions can help you find the right individual for the job!

Prospecting is tedious and repetitive, right?

Let us do the hard work for you!

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Start harnessing the power of LinkedIn today to build meaningful relationships that turn into deals!

Cost Per Account

75 connections via LinkedIn per day

75 connections via email per day

150 messages per day

25 InMails per day

400 profile views per day

100 likes per day

100 endorsements per day

Export leads with contact details

including phone number and email

£300 per month or

£3,060 per year (15% off)

(£0.08 per connection and message)



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